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Concerned by a rapid increase in your property tax liabilities? If you believe that you are a victim of an unfair property tax assessment, Paladin Tax Consultants can help you protest your property tax appraisal with solid data. We offer free property tax assessments and support, charging only when we save you tax money.

Nobody likes to pay extra taxes, and nobody should. Property tax is a relatively large expense in your accounts and can even strain your finances if misjudged. That’s why, Texas State Laws allows property owners to protest their property tax assessments done by the County Appraisal Districts.  If you believe that your property tax assessment is done is incorrect or tax amount is too high, We at  Paladin Tax Consultants can help homeowners and commercial property owners in Corpus Christi, Texas (Nueces County) and surrounding areas.


  • San Patricio County - Property Tax Consultants Serving Sinton, Aransas Pass, Ingleside, and Portland, TX
  • Aransas County - Property Tax Consultants Serving Rockport and Fulton, TX
  • Kleberg County - Property Tax Consultants Serving Kingsville and Rivera, TX
  • Victoria County - Property Tax Consultants Serving Victoria and Port Lavaca, TX


The first thing to know about property tax assessments is that the liabilities cannot be fixed based on traditional real estate appraisals. Every property is unique, as is every homeowner and/or commercial property owner, therefore a custom analysis based on the design of building, neighborhood, and value of comparable properties in the area needs to be done. As a property owner you may be eligible for certain exemptions and entitlements that is considered as well. Here are some reasons why you should consider a filing a property tax protest:

  • Your property tax appraisal is based on mass appraisal techniques: The County Appraisal District has not assessed your property's value individually due to a lack of manpower or time.
  • The property tax value is not adjusted for current economic conditions: The value of your home is based on the time when the economy was booming but has not been revised since then, while the economy or market has slipped.
  • Value of homes sold at foreclosure in the past three years is not considered: Since 1st January 2010, the chief appraiser may not exclude comparable homes sold at foreclosure in any of the three years preceding the tax year.
  • The district lacks a proof of appraisal for your property: Texas Law prohibits an increase in the appraisal value for the following year, if the chief appraiser cannot present substantial evidence in support of the increase or inequality in property tax.


You have a right to fight the appraised value of your home, and we are right here to assist you. While the law allows you to represent yourself when filing a property tax protest in Texas, the process of doing so can disrupt your life and work. With a proper tax consultation, you can avoid the frustrating forms and waiting rooms and still save tax dollars. Here are the reasons why we are the trusted property tax consultants in Corpus Christi, Texas (Nueces County) and surrounding areas.

  • Data-based property tax valuation for a highly accurate representation
  • Experienced support and representation during formal and informal property tax appeal hearings
  • Timely reminders for property tax filings and deadlines to ensure continued savings year after year
  • Strategic advice for taking advantage of various property tax exemptions in Texas
  • Expert arbitration for properties with valuations up to $5,000,000
  • Valuable support when pursuing litigation for property tax relief
  • Binding terms for data safety, privacy and confidentiality

We are the trusted partners of hundreds of Corpus Christi (Nueces County) residents for appealing property taxes in Texas. Over the years, our clients have saved thousands of dollars in property taxes with our expert advice and experience. 

If you have questions about tax valuations, protest deadlines, inspections and related topics, check out our FAQ section. Need more help? Get in touch with a Nueces County property tax advisor at Paladin.


Lisa Teltschik
Lisa Teltschik03/01/2019
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Paladin has handled my property tax protests in multiple counties for several years now. I have been very satisfied with my results. Ben is extremely knowledgeable and does whatever research is necessary to achieve ultimate results. I trust him with all of my property tax needs. Honesty and integrity are what you get with Paladin Tax Consultants.
Anj Rajani
Anj Rajani08/27/2019
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I am happy to write this review b/c I am happy with Paladin's property tax reduction services. I was wary about hiring someone to do our tax protesting this year, but decided to give it a try. Daniel did not disappoint and was very polite and professional. Looking forward to working with you again next year!
Rick Hardy
Rick Hardy08/17/2019
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Very honest with a lot of integrity was very upfront help me a lot I will use them over and over.
Cassian Flores
Cassian Flores08/22/2019
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Daniel at Paladin is a pleasure to work with and I was very pleased with the end result of my tax savings. I grew tired of dealing with BCAD myself and after one chat with Daniel it was evident he was well versed in these matters and dealing with BCAD. Great service and great people. Will definitely use their services again.
Jessica Long
Jessica Long08/06/2019
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The service was excellent! I will be using them again next year, they had great success at Bexar County for my property. I was very scared to protest my taxes myself after hearing that not many individuals are successful. The fee was very reasonable for the services provided and the savings I received.

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